Warrior Women

Have you ever been in a situation of full-blown attack by the enemy? You’ve most likely battled many areas in your life: marriage, children, finances, spiritual, friendships, careers. All those areas can present challenging moments that leave us in fear of defeat. You may be experiencing those issues at this very moment you read these words! Wouldn’t you like to know how to be prepared? Ephesians 6 teaches us the purpose and truth of the armor of God. In this book, Warrior Women, we explore together what it means to put on our armor piece by piece. We will discover what this looks like for today’s generations of women and the battles we are facing. Each chapter also includes a battle plan page to help you better prepare for the fiery darts and attacks of the enemy. Journey with me as I share my personal testimony of preparing for battle and we learn together to become warrior women! “The Lord is a warrior; Yahweh is His name.” Exodus 15:3 If our Lord is a warrior, then we are to be warrior women, created to become a mighty nation who will rise-up in times of attack! We are Strong! Mighty! Brave! Fierce! Courageous! Champions in Christ! Are you ready Warrior Sister? It’s time to learn to fight, to begin understanding who it is we are fighting against, and it’s time for a mighty nation of Warrior Women to arise! The enemy cannot win because Jesus has already been victorious! Rise up, Warrior Women, Prepare for battle!

Coffee & Jesus

After experiencing the most sickening feeling in my stomach for days for not obeying the Lord’s calling, I caved. I did what God asked me to do and that was to start a women’s ministry to write devotions and share God’s word! Coffee and Jesus devotion group was birthed! Since September 4, 2017, I have shared the devotions and studies God has placed on my heart with women across the globe. Today, there are more than 3200 women in Coffee and Jesus. Every single state in the USA and more than 41 countries are represented in the group! Now, we are ready to share in writing all that the Lord has given us in our morning live devotions. Wake up, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s start the day with Jesus Christ!

Beautifully Broken

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We all face hurt and pain in life. It comes from the most unexpected places sometimes; family, friends, church, ourselves, strangers, loss, and victories even. Over the years God has helped me grow through many seasons of brokenness. At times I had no idea where to go for answers and I never want you to be in that place. This book is full of lessons God has taught me and seasons where He has walked with me to show me how He can turn any mess of clay into a vessel Beautifully Broken for His glory.

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