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Hi! I’m Andrea, a redeemed child of God and lover of Jesus Christ!

 For years I taught young girls and women how to gain the confidence needed to succeed in pageantry, both in the interview room and on the stage. That changed in 2017 when God began to stir up a new desire in me to teach His Word. With the support of my precious husband Jeremy, I took a leap of faith and closed my pageant business.

 If I have learned anything in my 37 years, it is that God’s plan and my plan doesn’t always look the same. I’ve also learned that his plans are so much cooler than mine.
At age 7, I thought I’d be a famous singer. At age 14, I was ready to be a NICU nurse. By age 18, I had my heart set on dental school! I have never seen the completion of any of those, but what I have seen is God’s divine purpose for me unfolding Throughout the years.

Along my life’s journey I have picked up quite a few skills and titles, I like to call them my crowns; you know, sort of like women “wearing many hats”? I think our hats should be sparkly and noticeable; not in a self-righteous way, but in a way that grabs attention so that we can direct that attention to Jesus.

Among my crown collection there is: Devoted wife, home-school mom, speaker, media coordinator, TV Host, Author, worship leader, Christian blogger, Social media Marketer & influencer, pageant coach, business coach, hair & makeup artist, Global women’s ministry leader, Non-Profit founder & president,  and my most recent addition, Confidence Coach!

Below You will find all the many ways I am using the crowns in my collection to help you in your own journey to becoming Confidently Crowned™

Most of all my heart desires to help you and women alike to better understand God’s word, to find your identity in Jesus Christ, and to build a confident body of kingdom minded women who can shine the light of jesus in a way that is certainly unique to each of us!


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